11x14, 16x20, 20x24, 24x30, 30x40, 40x50, 48x60



Camera: Canham 5x7 Inch Metal Field Camera, 4x5 Film Back

Lens: 90mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F 4x5 Inch Transparency Film


Many people find this light unbelievable. Well, we don't see it often, but when there is a light show in the mountains, the sky is the limit. After three solid days of rain here in the Lake Tahoe area, the forecast called for the storm to break and the skies to begin to clear. So, I headed out along the Carson River in Hope Valley just outside of South lake Tahoe. As the day ended, the rain eased slightly and there was a small opening in the cloud layer where the sun was setting. With moisture still in the air, storm clouds and sunset all working together, the whole world lit up! I composed this image to accentuate the glow of reflected light from the clouds on the river and forest below. Given the low light conditions, I was able to use quite a long exposure time, giving the surface of the moving river a silky look. The pine trees, grasses and rocks appear to have been painted. This is the light I dream of!