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Camera: Fuji 6x17cm Panoramic Film Camera

Lens: 90mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F Transparency Film

Alaskan Blue, Naknek Lake

This image was captured over the course of 15 minutes, just after sunset, also known as "the blue hour". The long exposure allows any movement on the water to blend together, creating a silky smooth appearance to the water. It also enables a saturation of the film with the blue tone of the darkening light. I love this image, and am grateful it happened. 
I has set up my 6x17cm panoramic film camera on the beach just outside my campground location with great anticipation of this magical image I had envisioned. Just ten minutes before I intended to begin my exposure, a large Alaskan Brown Bear emerged from the forest to my left and intended to use "my beach" as a walking path. Ok, I didn't argue. I picked up my gear and retreated into the forest. Fortunately, my visitor was focussed on a destination (salmon dinner perhaps) and moved through quickly.
I returned to my original tripod location, quickly set up, and locked the shutter open. I had a very nervous 15 minute wait as I exposed the film. No other bears wandered through for "my 15 minutes", and I was able to record this one exposure to film. My normal practice of relaxing and absorbing the moment during a long exposure was interrupted by much head turning and intense listening. The result was well worth it!