Poll Results: Black & White OR Color?

Well folks, the results are in! Last week I conducted a survey asking which image people preferred, comparing two identical compositions, shot on two separate sheets of 4x5 inch film. One was shot on color transparency film and the other on black and white print film. I was excited, and very appreciative, to see the number of responses. I also received a lot of additional information and input thanks to a glitch in the survey program I used. Given that the survey didn't seam to work on many mobile devices, quite a few people sent responses, which included further input, via social media, private message, email and social media. Clearly, this was a subject people found interest in. I am glad to have such an insightful group to share with. Thank you!
So, without further ado, the results are:

Color- 55%
Black and white- 45% 

Given the additional input I received, I would like to share the general overtone of that input.
A majority of respondents that sided with the color image felt that the chaotic, and relatively low contrast nature of this particular image, gained from the added "dimension" of the subtle color in the scene. I find this exciting, as it touches on a subject I will be writing about soon. Contrast. As a photographer that shoots both color and black and white, chooses to select which sheet of film to use while in the field, and who is strongly drawn to subtle compositions, I have been acutely aware of the two types of contrast available: light/dark contrast and color contrast. I look forward to delving into this subject more deeply very soon!

Please follow along and share your input! We can all learn something along the way.

Enjoy the view! 

The Winner is........ COLOR!

The Winner is........ COLOR!