10X30, 13X40, 16 1/2 X 50, 20X60, 24X72, 28X84, 30X90



Camera: Fuji 6x17cm Film Camera

Lens: 180mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F Transparency Film

Delicate Arch Ridge line Panorama, Arches National Park, Utah

Delicate Arch is the most iconic of Utah's arches, so I tried to capture a more unique angle. I composed this panoramic image from across a canyon that is hundreds of feet deep. I positioned myself on the opposing cliff edge, affording a vista of the entire ridge line of which Delicate Arch is a part. This created a sense of scale, and shares a better perspective of how precipitous, and truly delicate, the position of this icon is. I also feel that the ridge line view creates a more sculptural, figurative composition. The soft evening light and wispy clouds add to the painterly nature of this unique vista.