10X30, 13X40, 16 1/2 X 50, 20X60, 24X72, 28X84, 30X90



Camera: Fuji 6x17cm Panoramic Film Camera

Lens: 180mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F Transparency Film

Delicate Arch Ridge line Silhouette Panorama, Arches National Park, Utah

Staying well past sunset is a great way to experience the solitude of natural places. It also enables me to create unique images in amazing lighting conditions. After the sun goes down, but before the sky turns black, the atmosphere glows with intense hues of blue and purple. The wonderfully sculptural detail of this ridgeline, highlighted by Delicate Arch to the left, makes for a very artful rendition of Arches National Parks beauty. I hold onto these images as I hike out in the dark by the minimal light of a headlamp.