Snowfall, Aspens, crack in snow.jpg


Platinum/Palladium: 8x10, 16x20

Black & White: 30x40, 40x50



Camera: Canham 5x7 metal field, 4x5 film back

Lens: 90mm

Film: Ilford FP4 Plus Black and White Negative

Depths of Winter

Late this winter (2018), after a mild snow season, the storms kicked into gear. As a progression of snowstorms barreled through the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe, I became enthralled with the vision of aspen trees softened by a heavy vail of falling snow. As most people hunkered down inside and waited out the weather, I ventured out in blizzard conditions, day after day, large format camera in tow. What I found, saw and felt was mesmerizing. Within the chaos and power of the storm, with wind howling and snow falling sideways, I found a visual calm. There was a peace and a softness not often seen. Harsh contrast was obscured. Delicate details and an elegant mood were found within the blanket of snow. Here, within the vision of calm, is where I created a series of moving monochrome images.

This is where I find, and compose, "The Fine Art of Nature".

On this particular day, while venturing through the soft white and grey forest, I happened upon a gap in the snow that had covered a small flow of water. This was the one bit of strong contrast in the forest that morning. The black water, surrounded by fresh white snow, appeared to be painted into the scene. This was my foreground. What a unique opportunity, and what a unique image.

Enjoy the View!