PRINT SIZES available:

30x40, 40x50, 48x60 (Your choice)


This image will be offered in an exclusive edition including only one numbered piece (1/1) and one Artist's Proof. If you prefer to own a one and only piece of art, this can be arranged.

Current Pricing:     Numbered Edition 1/1: $25,000
                                    Artist's Proof               : $75,000


Camera: Canham 8x10 metal field

Lens: 240mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F 8x10 inch Transparency Film


Epiphany describes the moment I saw this location. This was the first time I felt truly compelled to create an image. The feeling was overwhelming and completely out of my control. This is where my life as an artist truly began!

I was visiting Grand Teton National Park just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming for my annual Fall photography trip. After an early sunrise excursion, it started raining. For some reason I decided to bypass my camp site and continue exploring. I decided to scout for an evening location and perhaps encounter some wildlife. I pulled off the road in a relatively nondescript spot and went for a walk to stretch my legs and breath the crisp air. A moment later I eyed this red bush on the hillside. I felt an uncontrollable urge to run up the hill. This was not the cliche' setting of symmetrical aspen trunks and background color. This was deeper.

The emotional pull I felt was overwhelming. It was as though I suddenly had an understanding of the natural world that is my art. The tangle of branches, bushes, trees and grasses just made sense. The brilliant colors of peeking leaves decorate the tangle of brown leaves and drying grasses. There is a maturity and subtlety in the scene that transcends what we often expect to see in a photograph. My NEED to compose this scene was an epiphany. This is the moment when I accepted that my art is built upon how I see the world, not what I think the world wants to see.

I have kept this 8x10 inch sheet of film hidden from the world, until now. My Private Reserve image portfolio is the right place for me to introduce this life changing image. I will only be happy if I share this image exclusively with collectors that are sophisticated enough to understand and appreciate the depth of this special image.

Enjoy the View!

Jon Paul