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This image will be offered in an exclusive edition including only one numbered piece (1/1) and one Artist's Proof. If you prefer to own a one and only piece of art, this can be arranged.

Current Pricing:     Numbered Edition 1/1: $25,000
                                    Artist's Proof               : $75,000


Camera: Canham 8x10 metal field

Lens: 240mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F 8x10 inch Transparency Film

Finding Peace

There are times when the world becomes overwhelming. At these times, we each find peace in our own way. When I need to find peace, I turn to nature. "Finding Peace" was created through my reacting to the ugliness in the world. That is the power of "The Fine Art of Nature".

As I sat at home on a wickedly stormy winter day, I did something I rarely do. I watched the news. As the reporters droned on about sensationalized, unimportant happenings, a breaking story came on. While I won't share the horror that occurred, it is sufficient to share that I was disgusted, confused and completely crushed by the cruelty and senselessness that exists in the form of humanity. I couldn't stand to sit there and wallow in the negativity so, out I went.

I put on full winter gear, threw my camera pack in the truck and headed out to a trail head. It was absolutely freezing outside, the snow was falling heavily and the wind was blowing at a dangerous rate. Huge trees were literally being blown over and broken in half. Under the weight of my pack, while being pelted with blowing snow, I headed into the storm. I felt the need to suffer, to purge myself of the human world. My emotions were raw. I feel fortunate to have both the great outdoors and my art to immerse myself in.

"Finding Peace" is the embodiment of the power of the natural world, the mountains, and their ability to heal us, physically and emotionally. Setting up my big film camera in these conditions was a chore. I used a huge Ponderosa Pine Tree to shield me from the wind while I set up. I then drove the tripod legs into the gravel to stabilize the camera as I composed and focused. I also hung my pack from the center of the tripod for added stability. I related to the driftwood on the shoreline as a human form, gracefully laying at the edge of the water. The high winds, coupled with a long exposure, softened the turbulent water into a misty surface. The snow shrouded the imposing mountains in the distance. 

"Finding Peace" is a representation of the power of nature, and its importance to our existence. Perhaps we need to suffer a little in order to see, or appreciate, what is truly important. There is a lesson to be learned that hasn't been realized by much of humanity. What I see in this image is the sheer power of our natural world. And while the power can be overwhelming, it can also be our source for health, understanding and peace!

I have kept this 8x10 inch sheet of film hidden from the world, until now. My Private Reserve image portfolio is the right place for me to introduce this powerful image. I will only be happy if I share this image exclusively with collectors that are sophisticated enough to understand and appreciate the depth of this special image.

Enjoy the View!

Jon Paul