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This image will be offered in an exclusive edition including only one numbered piece (1/1) and one Artist's Proof. If you prefer to own a one and only piece of art, this can be arranged.

Current Pricing:     Numbered Edition 1/1: $25,000
                                    Artist's Proof               : $75,000


Camera: Canham 8x10 metal field

Lens: 240mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F 8x10 inch Transparency Film

forest lace, blizzard

I am often compelled to compose an image, or at least a type of image, at a particular time. Forest Lace, Blizzard, is an image that arose from that sort of inexplicable pull. As I settled in to life during a record snow year I began to see visions of soft forest scenes. Delicate color images that appear black and white due to a lack of color in a winter wonderland. I was given a direction.

When I have these "visions", I seam to be pulled to a relatively specific location. It's as though my constant process of scouting lodges concepts in my brain, and when dramatic weather conditions occur, my subconscious mind blends everything together into a potential composition. At this point, I am pulled out the door to make the vision a reality. I feel fortunate to have this creative direction imposed upon me. My artistic direction is emotional and powerful. It gives purpose to what I do, and assures me that sharing the results of these visions has a purpose.

As the Snow dumped from the sky, I headed out to my envisioned location. I had to trudge through waste deep snow along the edge of a buried creek. The large aspen tree in the center of this image was the subject I had seen in my mind. That tree gently stood out against the pine forest. The composition came together as the heavy snow coated the bare branches of the trees and eliminated all detail from the ground. With the air full of falling snowflakes, the trees were reduced to a natural pencil drawing. When it felt right, I exposed one sheet of 8x10 inch film. The vision that had been imposed upon me was now composed and captured to one single sheet of film. 

As I stood in the snow and took in the scene, as I always do, I knew this image was something special. When I compose these images, I'm not merely taking a picture. I am composing an emotional experience that can only be found in nature. I feel at peace in these moments. That is what I am sharing with my art.
This is The Fine Art of Nature.

Enjoy the View!

Jon Paul