Lifestyle Portrait captured with a  professional digital camera. Platinum / Palladium print created from a digitally printed negative.

Platinum / Palladium print Captured on 4x5 inch film

Forever Portraits in Platinum

This is something special. I am combining the most archival, museum quality traditional prints available in the world with lifestyle portraits in nature to create Forever Portraits in Platinum. I am frequently asked to capture portraits of individuals, couples and families that are "not the typical studio portrait". People are attracted to my world renowned landscape images and want to have a portrait that immerses them into that beauty. I am making this possible, and then some.

Not only am I offering portrait sessions in nature, but I am including amazingly precious prints that you will find nowhere else. I will be taking the images captured with professional digital cameras, and transforming that file into an enlarged photographic negative. I will then enter the traditional photographic darkroom, hand produce my own archival Platinum / Palladium photographic paper, and print your black & white Forever Portrait by hand developing it in traditional photographic chemicals. The resulting image will last forever (over 1,000 years)! 

These Forever Portraits in Platinum are perfect for: individual lifestyle portraits, family portraits, engagement portraits, couples, children, pets, horses and anything you cherish. These prints have a traditional feel that will endure the ages. Printed on the finest archival platinum rag paper, Platinum / Palladium prints have a richness and depth not seen in other types of prints. They are truly something special.

I am only making Forever Portraits in Platinum available at an introductory rate to you, my loyal followers.
Here are the details:

  • 1-2 hours of portrait time in an agreed upon location(s)
  • Downloadable digital files of all images captured during the session
  • Two 8x10 inch Platinum / Palladium Prints on 11x14 inch paper
  • Introductory price of only $499!

Available for additional fees:

  • Additional / duplicate 8x10 inch Platinum / Palladium prints
  • 16x20 inch Platinum / Palladium prints
  • Standard photographic prints of the digital files in both color and black and white

You may call directly to inquire: 530-545-2896