PRINT SIZES available:

24x60, 29x72, 34x84 (your choice)


This image will be offered in an exclusive edition including only one numbered piece (1/1) and one Artist's Proof. If you prefer to own a one and only piece of art, this can be arranged.

Current Pricing:     Numbered Edition 1/1: $25,000
                                    Artist's Proof               : $75,000


Camera: Canham 8x10 metal field adapted for 4x10 panorama

Lens: 360mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F 8x10 inch Transparency Film

High Sierra Bonsai Panorama

I am drawn to the extraordinary ability of living organisms to exist in the most extreme conditions. I also have an affinity for bonsai trees. When I found this beautiful little pine tree growing on bare granite next to a raging waterfall, I knew magic was possible. I just had to wait for the the right conditions. Early Spring would offer the greatest flow of water for my background, and the first rays of morning light would add the color, warmth and depth I envisioned. Now I had to wait.

After a couple of drought years with minimal water flow, I finally had my chance. A decent winter snowpack offered a healthy spring thaw. The snowmelt fed the waterfall, creating the backdrop I had envisioned. Now I just had to get myself there to catch the magic light.

With 60 pounds of large format camera equipment strapped to my back, by the light of a headlamp, I climbed down to this amazing location an hour before sunrise. As I waited for adequate ambient light to set up my camera and focus, I sat with this amazing tree and listened to the roar of the waterfall. The power was extraordinary, and the sound deafening. Yet, I felt a calmness and clarity that can only be found in nature. There is simplicity in her power. There is energy.

As the pre-dawn light began to lift nights dark veil, I was able to set up my 8x10 film camera. I chose my perspective, deciding on the 4x10 inch panoramic format to simplify the composition. I used my headlamp to illuminate focal points so I would be focused and ready when the sun's first rays peaked over the mountains. As the sun crept onto my composition and bathed it in warm light, I felt my vision come to life. As the new day began, "High Sierra Bonsai Panorama" was born. This is "The Fine Art of Nature"!

I have kept this 4x10 inch sheet of film hidden from the world, until now. My Private Reserve image portfolio is the right place for me to introduce this powerful image. I will only be happy if I share this image exclusively with collectors that are sophisticated enough to understand and appreciate the depth of this special image.

Enjoy the View!

Jon Paul