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image capture:

Camera: Canham 8x10 metal field

Lens: 360mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F Transparency Film



Ice Gem, Jokusarlon, Iceland

My first photography trip to Iceland was pretty amazing, challenges aside. I never expect too much from a first visit, and I knew that the weather in November in Iceland could be unforgiving. Given that my 8x10 film camera is like a giant sail in the wind made things even more challenging. As I hoisted my tripod and camera over my shoulder and began hiking down the black sand beach in Jokusarlon, I knew I was in for a challenge. One of the reasons I was there on this particular morning was due to the fact that the wind the evening before was too strong to drive my camper van in. It was just slightly more calm in the morning. I was, however, determined and motivated by the otherworldly site of icebergs stranded along the shoreline.
As I wandered down the beach I was drawn to this amazing "Ice Gem" that was stranded just off shore. As the wind howled and waves crashed, I moved into a position that enabled me to isolate the giant crystal. With the limited reach of my 8x10 (no long lenses) I found myself standing in about a foot of water with waves breaking about three feet up my legs (grateful for Goretex pants and ExtraTuf rubber boots). As the wind blew, I pushed my tripod legs deep into the sand. With my composition set I shielded the camera from the wind with my jacket and opened the shutter for 45 seconds. The long exposure caused the waves to blur together into a misty gaussian blur, making the iceberg appear to be floating in air, accentuating its fleeting existence.

Enjoy the View!

Jon Paul