10x14, 14x20, 20x30, 24x36, 30x45, 40x60



Camera: Nikon D8oo

Lens: 14-24 F2.8

Film: Full Frame Digital

Iceland Aurora

My first trip to Iceland was both amazing and trying. Gail force winds, heavy rain, cloudy skies, etc. However, I have learned to make the most of every situation and to be well informed in order to take advantage of every possibility that may present itself. After another unsuccessful sunset, I grabbed some dinner, a hot drink and checked the weather forecast. I learned that a small section of sky may clear late at night giving the possibility of an aurora display. Hanging onto the mantra, "I'll sleep when I get home", I began to drive along the south coast of Iceland. After an hour of driving, I chose to park next to a wide glacial river that ran north-south, giving myself the opportunity for a reflection image if the sky cleared and the aurora showed itself. At his point I began the process of setting my alarm to ring every 20 minutes to check the conditions. This was helpful, as It enabled me to stack little naps in between and not miss the possible opportunity. After 4 hours of dosing off and learning to hate my alarm, I noticed a light band beginning to build in the distance. I moved myself into position, composed, and proceeded to capture images of the dancing lights until the show ended just 30 minutes after it began. I was able to crawl into the my sleeping bag in the camper van and begin to thaw, with the satisfaction of experiencing one more must see natural wonder in Iceland.

Enjoy the View!

Jon Paul