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Camera: Canham 4x5 Inch Metal Field Camera

Lens: 150mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F 4x5 inch Transparency Film

Moss and Forest Detail, Katmai, Alaska

As I wandered the bear trails of Katmai National Park, Alaska, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and fine detail. The thick mossy ground cover was such a lush vibrant green. The trees were covered in lichen and moss as well. In this scene, there was one large red mushroom amongst the greenery as well. While nervous to linger here as big bears wandered constantly, I was drawn to compose this image. Using my 4x5 film camera, it took forever to focus, as I was nervous to remain blind with my head beneath the dark cloth. Fortunately, my privacy was not interrupted, I remained safe, and this image was created. When passion to compose an image is this strong, the outcome is always moving.