11x14, 16x20, 20x24, 24x30, 30x40, 40x50, 48x60



Camera: Canham 5x7 Inch Metal Field Camera, 4x5 Film Back

Lens: 210mm

Film: Fuji Provia 100F 4x5 Inch Transparency Film

Tree on Cliff

I waited 4 years for the conditions to be just right to capture this image on film. I woke early, saw the high overcast this image required, immediately grabbed my camera pack and jumped in my truck wearing what I had slept in. I raced here, constantly watching the sky and hoping the light would be just as I had envisioned. When I arrived, I raced to set up my 4x5 film camera, hoping the clouds would not dissipate. Mother Nature cooperated, and the image turned out beautifully.
I am always amazed by the resilience I see in nature. This cedar tree, growing directly out of the rock face, is probably 100 feet tall. I especially like the curving roots contrasting against the strong lines of the rock. The shapes, colors and textures blend nature with cubist abstraction. This was worth the wait.