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image capture:

Camera: Canham 5x7 metal field, 6x17cm panoramic film back

Lens: 150mm

Film: Ilford FP4 Plus black & white 120 roll film

Developer: Diafine developer & TF4 Rapid Fixer



Upper Truckee falls Panorama

Persistence. It's often an important ingredient when attempting to bring the vision of an image to life. After two years of visiting this location on hikes and building on the feeling that, "something was there", I began pursuing this vision in earnest. I first composed images while testing a 2 1/4 inch square format film camera. Unfortunately, the camera proved to be faulty, with the film not advancing properly and the depth of focus miserable. So, I ended up with a couple of well exposed, interesting compositions that were really blurry. Lesson learned and motivation peaked.

I was now disappointed and motivated, as I had a strong feeling about this location but was let down by test equipment. Fortunately, this area is near my home, and the weather was cooperating (It was nasty out). I revisited this muse on a dark, overcast evening after the sun had dropped below the mountains. This was also the day after a rainy, snowy day, which increased the volume of water flow immensely. As I climbed around the wet, icy rocks, I settled on this panoramic composition. The darkness enabled me to use an extremely long exposure, creating the moody, dreamlike appearance I was envisioning. I composed and captured the image I knew was there.

My persistence was rewarded. It is amazing what passion will motivate you to endure and follow through on. This is The Fine Art of Nature.