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Welcome to jon paul gallery...

Within these portfolios, I am sharing what I have dubbed, “The Fine Art of Nature”. These are singular images representing “Moments in Time” that moved me emotionally and compelled me to compose a fine art image. When a scene in nature pulls me strongly enough that I must create an image, I am choosing to use large format film (sheets of film 8x10”, 4x10”, 4x5” and 6x17cm) to compose THE image. Not only do I feel that large format film enables me to produce the quality and qualities my fine art prints deserve, but the process and diligence required to create an image in this way ensures that I am giving the focus and respect the subject deserves and requires. In the end, I believe I am producing some of the highest quality limited edition photographic prints available today.
Along with my portfolio images, you will find the stories behind their creation, sizes in which they are available, and materials offered. There is also information about my photography tours / workshops for aspiring photographers. I will also be sharing blog posts of my experiences in the field based around my photographic adventures. I am always available to answer questions about my work, discuss custom tour / workshop possibilities, and create commissioned images for private and corporate collections. 

Enjoy the View!

Jon Paul