Jon Paul with his 8x10 film camera, enjoying his time in the field. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Photo by Noah Paul

Jon Paul has been Lake Tahoe’s premier landscape photographer for nearly 20 years. During that time, Jon has amassed a collector base spanning all 50 U.S. states and nearly 50 countries around the globe. As one of just a few professional large format film photographers remaining today, Jon Paul is known for producing some of the most breathtaking fine art landscape images available. The combination of Jon’s large format film capture, mastery of photographic technique and his unrivaled vision of the natural world has enabled Jon to create images worthy of representing what Jon refers to as “The Fine Art of Nature”.

“I have always found it difficult to produce an artist’s statement due to the fact that it requires focussed thought into how and, more importantly, why I do my photography. I fear that this process will cause me to become too contrived in my work. Quite simply, I do photography in an effort to share the beautiful moments I experience in the natural world. Those moments that impact me deeply. They make me feel well, happy, sad, open, alive, healed, human, me. If I need words to explain the meaning behind my images, my images have failed. I compose images that I have been compelled to create, not by deep intellectual thought and preconception, but by a connection to the subject. This is “The Fine Art of Nature”.

Given the importance I place on each of the images I compose, I choose to use large format film cameras to capture each composition. There are two reasons for this. First, I want to do justice to the art I produce in the form of a fine art print. I simply don’t believe any other type of capture can produce the quality, or qualities, as those I produce from a big sheet of film. The amount of information captured on an 8x10 inch sheet of film is enormous. This enables me to produce very large fine art prints with amazing clarity and detail. Second, using an 8x10 inch film camera is a chore, as well as being very costly. I don’t take the camera out of my pack unless I feel very strongly about a potential image. And when I am moved to compose an image, I am vastly more precise and purposeful than I am with a digital camera. My process, focus and intention is at its best, enabling me to express “The Fine Art of Nature” much more effectively. 

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Jon Paul
Owner / Photographer
The Jon Paul Gallery
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“As you gaze upon Jon Paul’s pictures, think. Realize that what we find beautiful is actually what we need to live healthy lives in a healthy environment. Appreciation of beauty is built into us. Help to keep our world beautiful.”

                                                     Author Ben Bova